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Issues & Concerns

I began attending Denton ISD School Board meetings in Spring 2022. Since then, I have continued attending board meetings on a regular basis. Denton ISD aligns very closely with the agendas and board actions happening nation-wide. A few of my primary concerns are listed below—

  • Schools are indoctrinating our children and grandchildren in several areas—

    • Gender identity and sexualization—creating divisions across students, confusion, often resulting in encouraging a single voice ideology by shutting down alternative, competing views or perspectives through negative consequential actions

    • Critical Race Theory (CRT) and Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)— embedding the content across subjects throughout the school curriculum—circumventing Texas Law

    • Changing definitions/language and “normalization” of rhetoric to align with “wokeness” ideology

    • Refusal to remove books (including textbooks) from school libraries and classrooms that clearly violate Texas Penal Codes [Refer to:]

    • Approval process in classroom materials and library acquisitions—failure to conduct a comprehensive review actual book/materials prior to purchasing, which may result in violation of Texas Penal Codes

      • Sec. 43.24(a)(2) – “harmful material”

      • Sec. 43.21(a) – “obscene material”


  • Academic performance, particularly in reading, writing, and mathematics, is dismal at best, and continues in a downward trend


  • Accountability and Transparency

    • Types of assessments employed, student/faculty data, and policy changes employed reflecting a more favorable, yet inaccurate picture of reported outcomes attained

      • Lack of best practices in assessment

    • Lack of Board follow-up response to issues/concerns brought forward from parents

    • Legitimizing new initiatives/projects without providing evidence-based (research) support and appropriate fiscal management


  • One-stop shop” –school boards attempting to do it all instead of focusing on quality academics and good citizenship

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