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Proposed Actions

Academic Instruction and Performance Assessment –

  • Teach and instruct students in academic subjects and citizenship.

    • Redesign course(s) so that students can acquire necessary knowledge, skills needed, and application activities that will lead to student success in career of choice (i.e., Integrated Course Design—backwards design/design down).

  • Focus on academic subjects by assessing student knowledge, skills acquired, and application (What will students be able to do?) contexts that result in improved student learning performance.

    • Develop measurable student learning outcomes (action verbs).

    • Design assessment tools that directly align with the intent of the outcome (i.e., Upon successful completion of the course the course, students will be able to...).

    • Follow “best practices” in academic assessment.

    • Remove standardized tests—replace with authentic assessments.

  • Discontinue use of assessments that are subjective (not measurable)—feelings, emotions, etc. These types of assessments lead to biased, rather than authentic results.

Accountability & Transparency 

  • Conduct a comprehensive review of evidence-based research and practices to determine the viability of proposed projects, initiatives, and/or policies. What does the research reveal? What references were used and why?

  • Conduct a SWOT analysis and cost-benefit analysis.

  • Provide a compelling case for the need of such a project, initiative, or policy. Justify with objective, supporting research. How will this project be in the best interest of students, teachers, and/or staff?

  • Set measurable outcomes for the project, initiative, or policy that directly align with the intention of the project.

  • Conduct a small-scale pilot study to use data to determine if implementation on a wider scale makes sense and is feasible. Where are the design flaws? Is project realistic? Is there a critical need for the project?

  • Board assesses the project…using set criteria, standards, and an assessment tool/rubric.

  • Implementation of project if all criteria are appropriately met.

Indoctrination –

  • Remove all CRT and SEL content/instruction in our schools. Keep teachers and staff accountable by addition of consequences for failure to adhere to the intent of Texas law, penal codes, etc.

  • Remove SEL app students are required to complete during the school day and eliminate dangerous tracking (AI) that occurs as a result.

    • Discontinue contract with vendor

    • Do not forward student SEL data to other staff

  • Revise the current Board policy on Review of Books and Instructional Materials (Fall2022) so that the process thoroughly addresses parent/guardian concerns.

  • Design and implement policies that align w/the US Constitution, Texas Constitution, Bill of Rights, etc.

  • Remove/retract/revise any policies or academic instruction of students that limits expression of alternative viewpoints (Freedom of Speech).

  • Review all policies to ensure accurate definitions, and close any loopholes embedded (exceptions) that allow for biased judgment and consequential actions and outcomes.

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