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Why I'm Running -

  • God has placed it on my heart to run, “. . . for such a time as this.”

  • I am compelled to stand in the gap and take action. I can no longer stand back, listen, and passively watch.

  • I am passionate about our children, grandchildren, and their education. I desire for them to be good citizens and academically competent in knowledge, skills, and practical experiences necessary for successful pursuit of a career of choice.

  • We are losing our most precious gift from God—our children and grandchildren.

  • We are at a crossroads in education.

    • Schools are indoctrinating our children rather than protecting them.

    • Sexualization of our children appears to be a primary focus nowadays.

    • Schools have long since left the traditional Godly values and principles upon which our country was founded.

    • Academic performance is not up to standard.

    • Schools are attempting to circumvent parents and guardians; making decisions that belong to the family.

  • Schools should not be a “one-stop shop” for meeting the needs of our kids.

  • It’s time for schools to return to the business of focusing on (1) academic subjects, (2) student learning performance, (3) and helping students to become good citizens.

The Board needs an independent conservative

voice and advocate for children, families,

and a quality education.

Please join me!

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