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Independent Conservative Voice & Advocate
for the students and families of Denton ISD

Please join me!

I invite all parents, teachers, and staff, tax payers, and community members who are concerned with some of the actions/decisions made by the board in recent times to contact me confidentially at:

One of the reasons I’m running for the school board is to share your concerns and address the issues on your behalf. I want to address your concerns and get the Denton ISD Board and Superintendent back on track. Thank you! 

Terry Senne, candidate for Denton ISD Board of Trustees-Place 2.”

…for such a time as this... 
Esther 4:13 - 14 ESV

We find ourselves on the educational precipice, not only in Denton ISD, but in public school systems nation-wide. We must apply the brakes now and change our current course, or we will free-fall to a point of no return.



Putting My Experience to Work

I am a 40-year veteran of education who has taught and advocated for students from middle school through post-graduate studies. I will fight hard for the students and families of Denton ISD to ensure a quality education.

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